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About Last Night…

An unexpected windfall. A chance to start over. A handsome man who might be too good to be true…

“A huge treat. Hilarious, yet poignant.” Sophie Kinsella, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Molly is tired of living her dearly-departed husband’s country “dream life.” So when she inherits a London flat, she jumps at the chance to start fresh in the city.  Except the new place already has a tall, dashing stranger with charm to spare…

As she soaks in the sophisticated urban life of restaurants, art galleries, and stylish friends, Molly wonders if something is missing. When a dubious agreement throws her new situation into jeopardy, a face from her past may give her exactly what she needed all along…

Will the bright lights of the city reveal Molly’s own dream once and for all?

About Last Night… is an irresistible, feel-good romantic comedy for women’s fiction lovers. If you like witty humor, madcap chemistry, and writing that entertains your soul, then you’ll love Catherine Alliott’s laugh-out-loud novel.

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Catherine alliott

Going Too Far

’You’ve gone all fat and complacent because you’ve got your man, haven’t you?’

Polly Penhalligan is outraged at the suggestion that since getting married to Nick and settling into their beautiful manor farmhouse in Cornwall she has let herself go. But watching a lot of telly and gorging on biscuits, not getting dressed until lunchtime and waiting for pregnancy to strike are not the signs of someone living an active and fulfilled life. So Polly does something rash.

She allows her home to be used as a location for a TV advert. Having a glamorous film crew around will certainly put a bomb under the idyllic, rural life. Only perhaps she should have consulted Nick first.

Because before the cameras have even started to roll – and complete chaos descends on the farm – Polly’s marriage has been turned upside down. This time she really has gone too far . . .

‘Alliott’s joie de vivre is irresistible’ Daily Mail

Catherine alliott

My Husband Next Door

Separated in every way but distance, Sebastian resides in an outhouse across the lawn from Ella’s ramshackle farmhouse.

When Ella married the handsome, celebrated artist Sebastian Montclair at just nineteen she was madly in love. Now, those blissful years of marriage have turned into the very definition of an unconventional set-up.

With an ex-husband living under her nose and a home crowded by hostile teenaged children, gender-confused chickens – not to mention her hyper critical mother whose own marriage slips spectacularly off the rails -Ella finds comfort in the company of the very charming gardener, Ludo.

Then out of the blue Sebastian decides to move on, catching Ella horribly unawares. How much longer can she hide from what really destroyed her marriage . . . and the secret she continues to keep?

‘I raced through it, completely gripped from start to finish’ Daily Mail

‘A captivating and heartwarming tale’ Closer

Catherine alliott

The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton

When a woman’s charmed life falls to pieces, can she accept that perfection isn’t always best?

“Possibly my favourite writer.” — Bestselling author Marian Keyes

Evie Hamilton’s biggest worry is when to book her next manicure. Happily married with an accomplished teenage daughter, she loves her privileged English country lifestyle. But when a mysterious letter exposes a crushing family secret, her Oxfordshire life falls to pieces.

Forced to confront the truth, a wave of gossip slams right into her picture-perfect household. To keep her close-knit family together, she’ll have to find something completely unfamiliar: limitless inner strength.

Can Evie lean into the scandal or will her refusal to change rip her family apart?

The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton is an engaging story of family challenge. If you like emotional ups and downs, page-turning conflicts, and melt-in-your-heart moments, then you’ll love Catherine Alliott’s captivating novel.

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‘Classy, wonderfully gossipy and breathless’ Red

‘We defy you not to get caught up in Alliott’s life-changing tale’ Heat

Catherine alliott

Wish You Were Here

A hilarious, compulsively readable novel from the Number One bestseller – Catherine Alliott

When Flora, James and their two teenage daughters are offered the holiday of a lifetime in a chateau in the South of France in return for one simple good deed, they jump at the chance to escape the confines of Clapham, the weight of the mortgage and anxieties over their future for a blissful break.

But Flora didn’t anticipate a mysterious guest and a whole heap of family baggage coming along too.
And with James developing a schoolboy crush on a famous singer and Flora distracted by ghosts from her past, their dream holiday suddenly takes some very unexpected turns . . .

‘A breezy, comic, summery romp that will appeal to fans of Jilly Cooper’ Sunday Mirror

‘A thoroughly engaging, entertaining read’ Daily Mail

‘While you’ll probably be glad that you’re not on this holiday with the Murray-Browns, make sure to take them on yours.’ Heat

Catherine alliott

The Wedding Day

Annie O’Harran is getting married . . . all over again

A divorced, single mum, Annie is about to tie the knot with David. But there’s a long summer to get through first. A summer where’s she’s retreating to a lonely house in Cornwall, where’s she’s going to finish her book, spend time with her teenage daughter Flora and make any last-minute wedding plans.

Annie should be so lucky. For almost as soon as Annie arrives her competitive sister and her wild brood fetch up. While Annie’s louche ex-husband and his latest squeeze are holidaying nearby and insist on dropping in. Plus there’s the surprise American houseguest who can’t help sharing his heartbreak.

Suddenly Annie’s big day seems a long, long way off – and if she’s not careful it might never happen at all . . .

‘Alliott’s joie de vivre is irresistible’ Daily Mail

‘Possibly my favorite writer’ Marian Keyes

Catherine alliott

The Real Thing

Every girl’s got one – that old boyfriend they never quite fell out of love with . . .

Tessa Hamilton’s thirty, with a lovely husband and home, two adorable kids, and not a care in the world. Sure her husband ogles the nanny more than she should allow. And keeping up with the Joneses is a full-time occupation. But she’s settled and happy. No seven-year itch for Tessa.

Except at the back of her mind is Patrick Cameron. Gorgeous, moody, rebellious, he’s the boy she met when she was seventeen. The boy her vicar father told her she couldn’t see and who left to go to Italy to paint. The boy she’s not heard from in twelve long years. And now he’s back.

Questioning every choice, every decision she’s made since Patrick left, Tessa is about to risk her family and everything she has become to find out whether she did the right thing first time round . . .

‘The writing is both intelligent and sparkling’ Marian Keyes

‘You’re in for a treat’ Daily Express

Catherine alliott

One Day in May

One day in May, Hattie’s life changes forever . . .

Hattie Carrington has good reason to be happy. Her antiques business is flourishing, her teenage son is settled at school and she’s enjoying a fling with a sexy, younger man. But when work takes her back to the village of Little Crandon, heartbreaking memories of her first love surface. It seems that the secret affair with married politician Dominic Forbes, which changed the course of her life, just won’t go away.

So when Hattie’s bumps into Dominic’s widow and his gorgeous younger brother, Hal, her world is turned upside down. Though she’s still trying to hide from her mistakes, she knows that if she’s ever to fall in love again she needs to be honest with others, and herself.

Can she admit what really happened with Dominic all those years ago? And, if so, is she ready for the consequences?

‘Another charming tale of love and heartbreak from this wonderfully warm and witty author’ Woman

Catherine alliott

Olivia’s Luck

Catherine Alliott’s brilliantly warm and funny take on taking control of your life, in Olivia’s Luck.

‘I don’t care what color you paint the sodding hall. I’m leaving.’

When her husband Johnny suddenly walks out on ten years of marriage, their ten-year-old daughter and the crumbling house they’re up to their eyeballs renovating, Olivia is at first totally devastated. How could he? How could she not have noticed his unhappiness?

But she’s not one to weep for long.

Not when she’s got three builders camped in her back garden, a neighbor with a never-ending supply of cast-off men she thinks Olivia would be drawn to and a daughter with her own firm views on . . . well, just about everything.

Will Johnny ever come back? And if he doesn’t, will Olivia’s luck ever change for the better?

‘Sensitive, funny and wonderfully well written’ Daily Express

Catherine alliott

Not That Kind of Girl

A girl can get into all kinds of trouble just by going back to work . . .

Henrietta Tate gave up everything for her husband Marcus and their kids. But now that the children are away at school and she’s rattling round their large country house all day she’s feeling more than a little lost.

So when a friend puts her in touch with Laurie, a historian in need of a PA, Henrietta heads for London. Quickly, she throws herself into the job. Marcus is – of course – jealous of her spending so much time with her charming new boss. And soon enough her absence causes cracks to form in their marriage that just can’t be papered over.

Then Rupert, a very old flame, reappears, and Henrietta suddenly finds herself torn between three men. How did this happen? She’s not that kind of girl . . . is she?

‘An addictive cocktail of wit, frivolity and madcap romance’ Time Out

Catherine alliott

A Married Man

‘What could be nicer than living in the country?’

Lucy Fellowes is in a bind. She’s a widow living in a pokey London flat with two small boys and an erratic income. But when her mother-in-law offers her a converted barn on the family’s estate – she knows it’s a brilliant opportunity for her and the kids. But there’s a problem …

The estate is a shrine to Lucy’s dead husband Ned. The whole family has been unable to get over his death. If she’s honest the whole family is far from normal. And if Lucy is to accept this offer she’ll be putting herself completely in their incapable hands.

Which leads to Lucy’s other problem. Charlie – the only man since Ned who she’s had any feelings for – lives nearby. The problem? He’s already married . . .

‘A joy . . . you’re in for a treat’ Daily Express

‘I literally couldn’t put this down. An addictive cocktail of wit, frivolity and madcap romance’ Time Out

Catherine alliott

The Old Girl Network

Finding true love’s a piece of cake – as long as you’re looking for someone else’s true love . . .

Polly McLaren is young, scatty and impossibly romantic. She works for an arrogant and demanding boss, and has a gorgeous if never-there-when-you-need-him boyfriend. But the day a handsome stranger recognizes her old school scarf, her life is knocked completely off kilter.

Adam is American, new to the country and begs Polly’s help in finding his missing fiancé. Over dinner at the Savoy, she agrees – the girls of St Gertrude’s look out for one another. However, the old-girl network turns out to be a spider’s web of complications and deceit in which everyone and everything Polly cares about is soon hopelessly entangled.

The course of true love never did run smooth. But no one said anything about ruining your life over it. And it’s not even Polly’s true love . . .

Catherine alliott

Rosie Meadows Regrets…

‘Tell me, Alice, how does a girl go about getting a divorce these days?’

Three years ago Rosie walked blindly into marriage with Harry. They have precisely nothing in common except perhaps their little boy Ivo. Not that Harry pays him much attention, preferring to spend his time with his braying upper class friends.

But the night that Harry drunkenly does something unspeakable, Rosie decides he’s got to go. In between fantasizing how she might bump him off, she takes the much more practical step of divorcing this blight on her and Ivo’s lives.

However, when reality catches up with her darkest fantasies, Rosie realizes, at long last, that it is time she took charge of her life. There’ll be no more regrets, and time, perhaps, for a little love.

‘Alliott’s joie de vivre is irresistible’ Daily Mail

‘The writing is both intelligent and sparkling’ Marian Keyes