Catherine Alliott

International Bestselling Author
For over twenty-five years Catherine has been writing
best selling novels about women, their loves and lives 

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Catherine alliott

About Last Night…

An unexpected windfall. A chance to start over. A handsome man who might be too good to be true…

“A huge treat. Hilarious, yet poignant.” Sophie Kinsella, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

About Last Night… is an irresistible, feel-good romantic comedy for women’s fiction lovers. If you like witty humor, madcap chemistry, and writing that entertains your soul, then you’ll love Catherine Alliott’s laugh-out-loud novel.

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Catherine Alliott

The Wedding Day

Annie O’Harran is getting married . . . all over again

A divorced, single mum, Annie is about to tie the knot with David. But there’s a long summer to get through first. A summer where’s she’s retreating to a lonely house in Cornwall, where’s she’s going to finish her book, spend time with her teenage daughter Flora and make any last-minute wedding plans.

Annie should be so lucky.

For almost as soon as Annie arrives her competitive sister and her wild brood fetch up. While Annie’s louche ex-husband and his latest squeeze are holidaying nearby and insist on dropping in. Plus there’s the surprise American houseguest who can’t help sharing his heartbreak.

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